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Custom Ring Made Out Of Metal Plate From Surgery

During the ski season of 2015 this guy had a bad accident on the slopes that ended with a a broken collarbone and four fractured ribs. It was a tough thing to go though at the time and they’ll never forget it because they turned the metal plate that was once inside their body into something that can be worn on the outside.

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“It was my first ski of the season in 2015, so I decided to celebrate by doing a flip. Shortly after, I was admitted to hospital with a broken collarbone and four fractured ribs. Not my finest work,” he said.

“Three days later I was discharged, with a scar and some x-rays that looked like this. The metal plate would hold my collarbone together while it healed, for the next year. It also only went off once at airport security – well done Berlin.”

“One year later the surgeon pulled out his scalpel and screwdriver, and unscrewed the metal from my bone.”

“Hospitals usually throw away the metalwork from surgeries like this, but I asked the surgeon to keep mine so that I could turn it into something.”

“I decided on an idea and showed my (bad) drawings to some engineers who are way smarter than me, and have access to a laser welder.”

“Then just last week it was finished. A unique ring, and little reminder about what happens when I get too excited.”

“Yes, it says DON’T FUCK UP on the inside.”

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