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This Guy Was Bullied In School For Being Gay, Now His Cosplay Is Taking Over Instagram

Jonathan Stryker is a cosplayer from Miami, Florida whose incredible cosplaying skills will put everyone to shame. He gained most of his media attention by dressing up as Disney princes and Johny Depp characters for 10 days.

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Stryker has been cosplaying for 10 years now, and it’s definitely more than a hobby for him, he creates every single costume himself,

“I try to remain original in my costumes and never try to stick to the specific design of the character, always adding more to their “look” hoping to make them better and unique”, says Stryker.

In an interview with Miami New Times, Stryker explained that his life was not as easy as it might seem, it was especially hard during his teenage years,

“I’m gay and in high school. Guys would chase me around, so I would sit at the gym and read my comic books. That’s why [cosplay] is so dear to my heart. I didn’t have a lot of friends; I didn’t talk to anyone. It was a comfort zone for me. Cosplay [has given] me a lot of confidence.”

Now Stryker has more than 100k followers on Instagram who praise his incredible talent. Scroll down to see his work yourself!

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