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Giant Baby Looks Over Tecate, The US-Mexico Border Wall

An art installation by a French artist that goes by the name of “JR” was unveiled at the Tecate border with the U.S. Taller than the border wall at 30 feet, the art is an enlarged black-and-white photo of a one-year-old baby named “Quiquito” mounted on scaffolding.

JR has done other large-scale portraits around the world, with much of his recent work focused on immigrants and refugees.

He told reporters at Wednesday’s unveiling of the portrait of the 1-year-old named Kikito, who lives in Tecate, that he was spurred by a dream in which he imagined a kid looking over the border wall.

“And when I woke up, I wondered: ‘What was he thinking?'” he said. “Like for us we know the implication, what it represents, how it divides, but for a kid, I didn’t have the answer.”

The artwork went up the same week President Donald Trump said he would end a program that has allowed young immigrants who were brought to America illegally as children to remain in the country.

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