This Young Woman Dresses Like It’s The 19th Century Every Day

If you think you take too much time to get ready in the morning, wait till you meet this young woman who dresses to impress in a very unusual way. Mila Povoroznyuk from Ukraine, who is known to her fans as @your_sunny_flowers, has ditched all modern fashion trends to follow her own aesthetic that makes her look like she came back from the 19th century.

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Every day, Povoroznyuk pulls off a full-blown head-to-toe look including long vintage dresses, corsets, puffed blouses, elegant top hats and footwear, intricate accessories, hairstyle, and makeup to become a living representation of 19th-century fashion. She admires Victorian fashion, but the Edwardian era from the early 1900s is her favorite.

12 years ago, Povoroznyuk got involved in the movement of historical reconstruction. She started sewing her own outfits for various occasions, from medieval festivals to 18th and 19th-century balls. For around two years now, she has been wearing vintage outfits every day.

“The first piece of clothing in the style of the 19th century which I started wearing in my everyday life was a blue autumn coat. It was made 8 years ago. I naturally started selecting harmonious things that would go with it. My wardrobe was gradually filling with vintage items,” Povoroznyuk told Bored Panda.

Povoroznyuk sews and thrifts her vintage attire, which makes her one-of-a-kind outfits stand out in a crowd (not that 19th and 20th-century-inspired clothes are a common sight on the streets in modern times). She finds her accessories from like-minded people’s personal collections and flea markets. Her unique style makes her comfortable and confident and that’s all that matters.

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