Spectacular Winning Photos From The 2019 Weather Photographer Of The Year

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMS) has announced the winner of its Weather Photographer of the Year award, with lightning strikes and billowing storms among the top entries. Gareth Mon Jones won the overall prize for his image of a cloud inversion filling the valley beneath him in Snowdonia.

“Above My Expectations”. The overall winning image was taken by Gareth Mon Jones at dawn in Snowdonia, north-west Wales. (Photo by Gareth Mon Jones/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

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“The Power of Lightning”. Elena Salvai’s image of the coast off Riomaggiore, Cinque terre, Italy, was first runner-up and people’s favourite. (Photo by Elena Salvai/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Snow Rollers in Wiltshire”. Brian Bayliss photographed this natural phenomenon near Marlborough. The image was second runner-up. (Photo by Brian Bayliss/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Spectacular Lightning Show over Trial Bay”. Taken near South West Rock, Australia, Hugo Begg’s image was judged the overall winner in the under-17s category. (Photo by Hugo Begg/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Motorcycle Caught in the Snow”. The under-17s runner-up was Ali Bagheri for this wintry image of Iran. (Photo by Ali Bagheri/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Comin ta Getcha”. This image by Stu Short of storm chasers racing away from a monster supercell in New Mexico was among those to make the shortlist. (Photo by Stu Short/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Exploding Wave”. Owen Humphreys captures rough sea battering the pier at Tynemouth, UK, in this shortlisted shot. (Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Air”. Steve Baker used a drone for this shortlisted image of the “beast from the east” snow storm over Tunbridge Wells, UK. (Photo by Steve Baker/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Barrier Rainstorm”. Brian Denton’s image of rain falling on the Thames Barrier, UK, also made the shortlist. (Photo by Brian Denton/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Cinnamon Rolls Cloud”. Sun Bingyin was shortlisted for this evening shot at Jökulsárlón, Iceland. (Photo by Sun Bingyin/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Fichtelberg”. Christoph Schaarschmidt’s wintertime image on Fichtelberg mountain, Germany, was also shortlisted. (Photo by Christoph Schaarschmidt/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Flood”. Mohammad Moheimani was shortlisted for this image of a flooded road in Agqqla, north Iran. (Photo by Mohammad Moheimani/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Rain in the City”. Christine Holt took his shortlisted image through the window of a bus in Memphis, US. (Photo by Christine Holt/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Pouring Down”. Patrick Hochner captures a geisha apprentice with a waxed silk umbrella in Kyoto, Japan, in this shortlisted shot. (Photo by Patrick Hochner/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“The Ship of Stranded”. This shortlisted image was taken by Fang Peng-Gang off the coast city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Photo by Fang Peng-Gang/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Morning Shadows”. Chris Brown’s shortlisted photograph of Scotney castle, Kent, England. (Photo by Chris Brown/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Tempest”. The ferocity of Storm Erik is captured by Dan Portch off Newhaven, UK, in this shortlisted image. (Photo by Dan Portch/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Apocalyptic”. Kevin Juberg was shortlisted for this panoramic view of one of the largest haboobs (durst storm) on record in Arizona, US. (Photo by Kevin Juberg/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“The Supercell”. This shortlisted image by Dennis Oswald Huge farmland of was taken in south-west Oklahoma, US. (Photo by Dennis Oswald/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

“Mountain Cloud”. Iain Afshar’s image of a lenticular cloud formation in the Alps, France, was among those on the shortlist. (Photo by Iain Afshar/2019 Weather Photographer of the Year/RMetS)

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