Christmas in New York: Rare Photos from Turn of the Century

It was a time when William McKinely was finishing up his tenure as President of the United States and Theodore Roosevelt was starting his. It was a time when our families were stepping off the boats to start their life anew in a foreign city. A time before The Great War gripped the nation at its core.

These are rare photographs from the early 1900s depicting captured moments of Christmas in New York City; pictures of a long forgotten era.

Santa Claus and Salvation Army musicians entertaining children on N.Y.C. street (Library of Congress)

Christmas – Christmas peddler (Library of Congress)

Christmas tree market, New York City (Library of Congress)

Vendor of Christmas toys, 6th Ave., New York (Library of Congress)

Christmas shoppers, window shopping, New York (Library of Congress)

Taking home baskets, Salvation Army Christmas dinner, New York (Library of Congress)

Women carrying baskets – Salvation Army Christmas dinner, New York (Library of Congress)

Christmas toys (Library of Congress)

Christmas Card vendor, New York (Library of Congress)

Interior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, during services at Christmas time (Library of Congress)

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