“Within Two Worlds”: Incredible Dazzling Night Sky Photos By Astro Photographer Brad Goldpaint

Brad Goldpaint is one of our absolute favorite photographers – his work has been featured multiple times at NASA, and you may also have seen his work in National Geographic, Discover, Wired, and The Huffington Post.

A former architecture student, Goldpaint started hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail, which ranges from the Mexican border in California up to British Columbia, in 2010, after the death of his mother. Along the way, he started getting serious about photography.

“Outdoor photography soon became a daily ritual of documenting and communicating my experiences,” he says.

And soon enough he was drawn to astrophotography. His best-known works are of the night sky over Crater Lake National Park and Sparks Lake, both in Oregon, where he captured the aurora borealis.

More info: Brad Goldpaint, Facebook, 500px, Flickr

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