Wait, What? The Spectacular Winning Images of the Potato Photographer of the Year 2021!

Overall winner – Fish & Chips by William Ropp, a surreal amalgamation of fish and vegetable

Created to celebrate the trusty spud, and to raise funds to help people in food poverty via The Trussell Trust, the Potato Photographer of the Year has announced this year’s winning entries.

“There’s something extremely wonderful and weird about this work. The amalgamation of vegetables and animals creates a strange portrait of the everyday food we consume. The fact that the image was taken on a polaroid camera with just a flashlight is of great credit to the photographer’s skill.” Amy D’Agorne.

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An array of varieties at a local growers market in India by Ron Boon

Growth by Nigel Summerton – ‘Very simple and nicely lit potato sprouts.’ Martin Parr

My Potato Necklace by Clair Robins – the possibilities of the potato reimagined

Potato Ketchup by Steve Caplin – ‘Truly inspired!’ commented judge Benedict Brain

The Potato in Motion by David White – a potato photographed at 1 millisecond intervals reveals constant and chaotic movement invisible to the naked eye

The Screaming Potato by Erin Marie – a multimedia effort using peel dipped in paint and a carved potato, an homage to Munch

Precious Potato by Clair Robins – a tribute to the humble spud

Submerged by Cashou – an underwater experiment reminiscent of an umbilical cord

A simple shot of a homegrown harvest by John Glover

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