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Mixed Blood

Foto: NYC, Mixed Blood – Casarosa Family, © CYJO 2010

Mixed Blood is a photographic and textual project portraying NYC and Beijing based families that include children with “mixed” races, ethnicities, and cultures. Mixed Blood questions and diffuses the historical categorization process of race/ethnicity and focuses on connective, cross-cultural experiences. The portraits and accompanying narratives illustrate the varying relationships family members have with their backgrounds, cultural context and citizenship. This unifying of race and cultures within a family unit continues to influence the evolution of American and global identity today.

Pechino, Mixed Blood – Chandola Family, © CYJO 2013

NYC, Mixed Blood – Doyle Family, © CYJO 2010

Pechino, Mixed Blood – Huang Rierson Family, © CYJO 2013

NYC, Mixed Blood – James Family, © CYJO 2010

Pechino, Mixed Blood – Kishimoto Family, © CYJO 2013

Pechino, Mixed Blood – Snodgrass Family, © CYJO 2013

NYC, Mixed Blood – Valter Family, © CYJO 2010

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