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New Naaan Bread Clocks Made from Real Bread Take Inspiration from Dali and a Japanese Pun

PAMPSHADE by Yukiko Morita (previously) is a brand of handmade goods that literally light up the life of bread lovers. The company’s name, a hybrid of “pan” (bread) and and “lampshade”, takes actual slices and loaves of bread, and after giving them an antimicrobial treatment, turns them into one-of-a-kind decorative lamps and clocks.

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Their latest creative bread release is inspired by the Surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, and combines it with a Japanese pun for asking the time: melting naan bread clocks!

The Japanese pun, while perhaps known to be a bit corny, is well known. One way to ask “what time is it?” in Japanese is “今何時ですか?”(Ima nanji desu ka?), and in the context of being at perhaps an Indian restaurant or in the presence of naan, someone lacking shame in their sense of humor may make the wordplay quip of “今ナン時ですか?”(Ima naan ji desu ka?).

The result is an eye-catching timepiece that will be sure to impress art fans, Japanese bread jokesters, and of course, naan enthusiasts all at once!

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