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SPKSMEN Campaign, Spring ’11

For the second delivery of Spring ’11, SPKSMEN rolls out a few classic colorways while sticking to their forte of clean and simple branding. The full Spring line is now available for sale at SPKSMEN online shop. Photography by Bryan Sona.

When an individual strives to distinguish their style and become exclusive among the norm, brands, trends, and lifestyles are built at that very moment. SPKSMEN (pronounced spokes-men) is no different; a young men’s lifestyle clothing brand, originated in the nation’s capital, which draws its concepts from retro art, hip-hop, and urban culture.

SPKSMEN are the interpreters of unspoken subtleties that birth inspiration everyday. The brand delivers something for the ambitious and brazen individual; a reassurance to dream as lofty as an adolescent with a presentation that is sophisticated and subtly powerful.

Never Settle.

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