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“Truth Facts”: The Truthiest Truths And Factiest Facts Of Everyday Life

In an age of “alternative facts,” we all need a little more truth in our lives. And humor.

Welcome to Truth Facts, a collection of information graphics that poke fun at societal quirks and everyday absurdities through charts and graphs. Danish writer Mikael Wulff and cartoon artist Anders Morgenthaler have taken the internet by storm with their humorous and perceptive infographics that turn commonplace phenomena into clever commentary.

In distilling keen observations about universal experiences into elegant charts and graphs, Truth Facts gets to the heart of the paradoxical and wonderful world we all share, and puts modern reality into perspective in a funny and visceral way.

These simple, colorful graphics explore societal quirks and everyday oddities, such as what happens when you call customer service (anything but service), when banks are open (only when you’re at work), the biggest lies on the internet (“LOL”), and much more.

Playfully teasing readers even as it explores themes like perception vs. reality, this compendium of life’s truthiest facts prods us to laugh at ourselves, own up to our shortfalls, accept the strangeness of the world we live in, and continue on—happier and more connected to one another than ever before.

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