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After Having Triplets, This Artist Founds A New Passion For Painting

My precious triplets

“My name is Anna Belan, I am an artist from Moscow, Russia. After graduating from the Academy of Theater Arts in 2004, I participate in joint exhibitions and projects in Russia and Europe. Theater education helped me to look at contemporary art in a different way. I create stories for my characters exploring the fine lines of the soul. I enjoy experimenting with mixed media, however I have found it most inspiring for me to work with oil on canvas – it is currently my main medium.”

More: Anna Belan, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

On The Sea

“Time tirelessly slips away, it is reflected on simple objects, people’s faces and wildlife, creating a new reality of things familiar to us. In paintings, we can freeze time, contemplating and observing the beauty of the modern world. In my works I paint people close to me, landscapes and still lifes that surround me. My works of art are executed in a soft color palette that creates a special emotional fullness, leaving the viewer alone.”

By The Fountain

“I never told this story…

My calm and measured life has been in chaos ever since we had triplets in the family. All my acquaintances and friends were in shock! I thought that my career as a successful theatre and film artist would be ruined . It was the end of everything. I enjoyed devoting myself every day to creativity. That’s what I thought for a few years until I saw an opportunity to turn it into a gift. The children were growing and demanded a lot of attention. They occupied all my time from morning till night. I didn’t have a minute to paint. Once I realised what my happiness was, everything changed. I started painting children in oil. Now they are growing up and inspire me with amazing subjects for my paintings. In my paintings, time stands still and I relive the happiest moments from their childhood.”


Best Friends


Bad Mood

Girl With A Dog

As Adults


Boy With Hat

With A Dog

Challenge Accepted

A Minute Of Silence

Almost Grown Up, My Sophie, Teenage Look


Against The Background Of Morris

Red Sweater

My Favorite Portrait Of Sonya


In The Mountains



Little Happiness

When The Dog Was Even Smaller

Finally, The Children Got Patience And They Can Pose For Me At Least Sometimes

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