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Turkish Artist Uses Forks And Knives As Writing Tools To Create Amazing Calligraphy Typeworks

While most people can barely produce intelligible handwriting with the most expensive fountain pens, Turkish artist Yazi Yolcusu creates stunning calligraphy using cutlery like forks and knives.

Yazi Yolcusu, which apparently means “Text Traveler” in Turkish, is living proof that it’s not the tools that make the artist, but their skill. using only metal cutlery – a spoon to hold the ink and forks and knives as writing tools – the talented artist creates some of the most amazing calligraphy you’ll ever see.

The way the Turkish calligrapher switches between the bottom and top prongs of a fork and uses all four of them to create a truly unique font is truly mesmerizing to watch. I guess you could say his forkmanship is on a whole other level.

More: Yazi Yolcusu, Instagram h/t: odditycentral

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