Brave Mum Dresses As Wonder Woman For Last Day Of Chemo


Mom of two Danielle Javernig, aged 43, was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cancer in May. To show her courage, for her final chemotherapy session she dressed as superhero Wonder Woman.

She told the Daily Mail: “All through chemo you feel very sick and horrible. On the last day I wanted it to not be like that — at all.”


Danielle has the BRCA1 gene, a hereditary gene mutation that greatly increases a woman’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Danielle has undergone a double mastectomy, had 32 lymph nodes removed, and had multiple chemotherapy sessions. She’s due to have a hysterectomy in the new year.


To show strength in the face of adversity, Danielle went to her last day of chemo dressed as Wonder Woman while friends and family also donned costumes.


Hospital staff and patients were moved and inspired by Danielle’s bravery.

“Everybody was telling me how wonderful it was, they said I brightened their day,” she said.


Danielle’s twin girls, Abby and Sophie, also dressed up.


Throughout her treatment, Danielle found strength in her daughters, saying: “It’s a good way for me to be stronger and keep it together for them.”


“Otherwise I think I would have fallen apart a lot more,” she added.


Danielle is now encouraging all women to be heroes and undergo ultrasound scans, as well as mammograms, to detect rarer cancers.


Danielle is still undergoing radiotherapy and has encouraged her family to get tested for cancer in the hope that she is the only one to suffer the illness. We wish this truly heroic lady a super speedy recovery.

Photography by Sami Gale of Love Letters Photography and Belinda Charmers of BAC Photography.

Via Pulptastic, The Daily Mail

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