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Russian Forest As Viewed By Russian Officials

The Rooks Have Come Back, 1871 by Aleksey Savrasov

Did you know that trees in Russian cities are being destroyed in massive numbers? They do it under the “tree sanitation pruning excuse”, but in fact, it’s nothing but barbarism. Poorly educated and incompetent officials simply destroy nature in cities, and there’s not any logical explanation for such actions. Let us now see how the country painted by famous Russian artists would look after “sanitation pruning of trees”.

More: Ilya Varlamov (rus) h/t: englishrussia

Ivan Endogurov, Early Spring, 1885

Mikhail Hermashev, Autumn landscape, 1890s

Mikhail Clodt, Oaks, 1863

Arkhip Kuindzhi, Birch Grove, 1879

Vladimir Orlovsky, Landscape, 1882

Ivan Shishkin, The forest in the evening, 1869

Ivan Shishkin, A Rye Field, 1878

Ivan Shishkin, Morning in a Pine Forest, 1889

Efim Volkov, Landscape with a Pond, 1887

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