Björk Unveils 3D-Printed Mask Based On Her Musculoskeletal System

Icelandic musician Björk has partnered with designer and researcher Neri Oxman on a mask made up of multiple 3D-printed strands that mimic the underlying structure of her own face.

The Rottlace mask, which made its debut during a performance in Tokyo yesterday, is based on “digital interpretations” of Björk’s bone and tissue taken from three-dimensional scans. The black and white design resembles locks of hair laid on the musician’s face, and extends below the chin to partially cover the neck.

The mask’s name is a variation on the Icelandic word for skinless. It was printed as a set of “muscle textiles” that still allow Björk to move her face and neck in the mask as she performs.

h/t: dezeen

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