Narrative Dramas Unfold In Robert Proch’s Multi-Dimensional Glitched Paintings And Murals – Design You Trust

Narrative Dramas Unfold In Robert Proch’s Multi-Dimensional Glitched Paintings And Murals

Robert Proch combines the aesthetics of street art and fine art in his dizzyingly complex paintings and murals. The artist engages multiple perspectives, glitched repetitions of figures, architectural motifs, and tightly controlled color palettes to create his distinctive style. Scenes tend to radiate out from a central perspective point, surrounded by abstracted shapes and atmospheric brushstrokes.

Proch’s artist statement describes his work as mini-narratives that “examine the modern human condition using vivid colors and tangible emotions. Sentimentality, ambition, fear, loss, hubris, greed, and friendship play their roles in snapshot dramas.”

More: Robert Proch, Instagram h/t: colossal

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