The Saints Wear White: Artist Pays Homage To Chinese Medical Workers With Chapel Mural In Hubei Province

With the outbreak and spread of coronavirus dominating news headlines across the globe, designer Duyi Han decided to pay tribute to the medical workers who are risking their lives to help those in need. The project sees the walls and ceilings of a historic church in China’s Hubei province – where the epidemic began – transformed into a large mural depicting figures dressed in white decontamination suits.

More: Duyi Han h/t: designboom

Dubbed ‘The Saints Wear White’, the project by han takes inspiration from the traditional style of church paintings and frescos. However, instead of illustrating biblical scenes of saints or deities, the mural shows the everyday medical workers who are selflessly putting themselves at the front line of the virus.

Covered by masks, gloves and full-body suits, the work pays homage to the anonymous doctors and nurses who are crucial in aiding those infected with coronavirus.

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