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“Paradise Warfare”: The Superb Illustrations of Amin Faramarzian

Amin Faramarzian is an Illustrator born in Iran but now living in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. He has a very personal interesting style, using geometric and polygonal shapes to create vibrant illustrations which often contain a dose of humor!

“I have loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Instead of going to normal schools I went to graphic design technical school after my secondary school. I had a chance to live my dream life when I was 14 or 15 years old, I met so many young and ambitious artists in that school and I still think that place was magical somehow!

Regarding digital art, I was 16 when my older brother bought a computer. I was so into traditional art like painting with quiche or watercolor and when my brother showed me Photoshop I immediately fell in love with it and started to paint digitally using a mouse! I still draw in sketch books and love traditional medium, but really enjoy the flexibility of digital medium. I’m also a big fan of technology!” he told.

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