“Failed Memories”: The Superb Glitchy Digital Art Of David Szauder

David Szauder was born in 1976 in Hungary. He studied Art History at the Eötvös Loránd University and Intermedia at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. In 2008/2009 David spent a year at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at the Aalto University in Helsinki with a scholarship program.

He moved to Berlin and started working at the Hungarian Cultural Institute (.CHB) as a media artist and curator in 2009. Over the past four years he has participated in and followed through various art and media projects, exhibitions and screenings in and outside of the institute.

David has been leading workshops about interactive media in Berlin and in Budapest since 2010 and he is a visiting lecturer at the HFF Potsdam.

“I am inspired by the parallels what I see between human memory and computer memory: Our brains store away images to retrieve them later, like files stored away on a hard drive. But when we go back and try to re-access those memories, we may find them to be corrupted in some way–glitched, if you will. When we see a picture (photo) we are able to remember the details, but only for [a] short period. In [the] long term we start to lose parts of the details and instead of these lost fragments we fill the gaps with our self-generated memories, memory fragments”

More: David Szauder, Instagram

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