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Photographer Henry Do Captures Breathtaking Aerial Images Of The Circular Community In Denmark

According to Henry Do: “While visiting the beautiful capital city of Copenhagen in Denmark, I encountered what seems like an alien civilization. To my surprise, these are just small piece of what called, “Colony Gardens”, literally a garden space that Danish citizens can rent to grow produces & vegetables. Space is extremely limited if you’re living the main city so this is the perfect way to have your own gardens & get back to nature! Owners are allowed to live there between April-October to take care of their gardens (can’t grow anything in the winter)

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These 12 circular community gardens were designed by the genius landscape architect Erik Mygind as a place where people can get away from the stresses of apartment living, plant some fruit trees and to relax on the weekend. Typical rent per garden is around $150/month. Due to zoning restrictions, people can only live on the property 6 months out of the year.

The intention behind this unique layout was to mimic the traditional patterns of the 18th century Danish villages, where people would use the middle as a focal point for hanging out, mingle and social interchange between neighbors. To create somewhat of a privacy between each gardens, the bordering hedges are slanted towards the middle and being used for parking purposes.”

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