That’s Mine!

While it’s mother is hunting in the woods, this cub is searching for her. This wildlife image show a fox pup steal a dead chipmunk from his mother just after she had returned from hunting.

The greedy pup even ran off to make sure he could keep the prey for himself and didn’t have to share with his siblings. The images were taken by wildlife photographer Richard Dumoulin in a national park in Quebec, Canada.

The mother red fox returned from hunting with a chipmunk, a mole and a sausage to feed her cubs, however one of her children was obviously starving as the cheeky pup jumped on the tasty treat and set off down the road to eat it himself.

“It was obvious he wanted the biggest catch and didn’t give his brothers and sisters a look in,” said Richard.

The mother fox made no attempt to chase after her naughty pup. (Richard Dumoulin/Rex Features)

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