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Photographer Anna Radchenko Explores A Reverse Side Of A Mother’s Love

The mother will force you to be too timid and shy in order to look better alongside with you.

Photographer Anna Radchenko explores this theme in her project “Reverse Side of a Mother’s Love,” where mother love becomes more than just mother-daughter relationship and causes some strange feelings. She visualizes, sadly, typical psychological problems in parent-child relationship: unrealized wishes of the parents, excessive strictness, total control and overprotection.

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The mother can protect your from “this violent world” and she will never let anybody to approach you. She will say you that the world is cruel and you’ll be afraid of it constantly.

It can be the desire to replay your unhappened life in the life of your child. The girl’s become a ballerina because her mother has never had courage to do that.

The mother will chain you to one place in order you won’t explore this world and become independent.

Your mother may require that you will consider her the main person in the world.

The mother may manipulate you in order to achieve her goals through you.

The mother may think of you as of a baby even if you are an adult.

The mother may be just ignorant and not pay a lot of attention to you.

Or, the mother may just hate you and think of how to get rid of you.

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