Japanese Modeler’s Terrifying Scarecrows Pit Cthulhu And Silent Hill Against Birds – Design You Trust

Japanese Modeler’s Terrifying Scarecrows Pit Cthulhu And Silent Hill Against Birds

Imagine driving down a lone, winding road in the Japanese countryside late at night, with only the sound of your heartbeat and engine to comfort you until you run into an unspeakable terror. That’s the situation several have found themselves in when coming across one of Japanese figure maker and modeler @harigilly’s uniquely terrifying scarecrows.

Harigilly has built a reputation on Twitter for making otherworldly scarecrows that seem like they may be overkill for keeping birds away, and might be just as effective against humans. The figure maker’s latest scarecrow creation is drawing comparisons to Cthulu, and some creative use of wiring and newspaper to produce the alien tentacles is very impressive.

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

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