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Meet Nikita Replyanski, An Artificial Limbs And Wearable Technology Designer

Nikita Replyanski lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was born in Ulyanovsk city. He is working more than 10 years in the computer games development as 3D artist. He likes science a lot. So, when he understood that he can use his skills in the real world projects he began to study the Industrial Design tools and theory himself. Now he is a part of the Motorica company. Also, he is still working and studying digital art that was always the main inspiration for him.

“So it was the main task for me – to create a design that will look like as a cool gadget and will give us an ability to change it for different people fast. We are using 3d scanning, 3d printing and parametric modelling tools. The final design will be different a little, we are still refining it, but it will be close enough. I think there will be some more new designs soon, with modern technologies we can create new prototypes very quickly and try new ideas,” he says.

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