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Phoenix Vehicle Made From Bamboo Cane Is The New Green Car


Future of cars is coming fast. It is no longer viable to drive on biodegradable fuels but the vehicle itself must be biodegradable. At least, that was the main idea behind the unique indigenous design by Albrecht Birkner & Kenneth Cobonpue called the Phoenix vehicle and made of bamboo cane stalks. It is amazing how the designers managed to pull out an aerodynamic line that is made of ecological materials and still produces a futuristic design.

h/t: wherecoolthingshappen


The car was handmade by a team of weavers in just ten days using organic materials – bamboo and rattan, along with nylon and steel. Designers’ goal was to produce a sustainable vehicle from natural materials and to interweave the future and nature. Therefore, this green car has a single spine, like most plants and vertebrae, and can be used with a replaced shell. A smart idea for today’s cars whose shells by far outlive their purpose.


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