Bluetooth Speaker Ingeniously Disguised As Cotton Cloud That Floats Inside Your Home – Design You Trust

Bluetooth Speaker Ingeniously Disguised As Cotton Cloud That Floats Inside Your Home


A recent collaboration, called Making Weather, by design firm Richard Clarkson Studio and levitation specialists Crealev, have produced a levitating version of Clarkson’s interactive speaker lamp, Cloud. The new product, named ‘floating’, is made of white hand fluffed polyester fibers that give each cloud a unique shape and has magnets embedded in both the reflective oval base and the body of the cloud. The powerful magnets allow the speaker to float 1 to 2 inches off the base and lets the speaker softly bob and rotate to create an effect similar to that of clouds floating outside.

More info: Richard Clarkson Studio, Crealev (h/t: contemporist, mymodernmet)


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