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What Does The Ideal Man Look Like? The Answer May Depend On Where You Live


In 2014, journalist Esther Honig created a fascinating project titled Before & After, where she asked over 40 Photoshop enthusiasts in 25 different countries to “make her beautiful.” She sent them an unadulterated photo of herself, and the results were astounding. Her appearance changed drastically based on the standards of beauty in that particular culture. Inspired by this project, UK-based Superdrug Online Doctor asked graphic designers—11 women and eight men—in 19 different countries to transform a New York-based photographer into their version of a culturally-attractive man.

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According to Denise Hatton, Chief Executive of YMCA England, Perceptions of Perfection highlights a growing male issue. “Our own research found that 40% of men in the UK felt pressure from television and magazines to have a ‘perfect’ body and this has negative effects on how they view themselves and others.”


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