“The Traveler Saga”: Explore The Beautiful Outworlds And Creations With Gorgeous Concept Art Of Tyler Smith – Design You Trust

“The Traveler Saga”: Explore The Beautiful Outworlds And Creations With Gorgeous Concept Art Of Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith has been working in the video game industry for over 4 years now. Currently Tyler reside in Seattle, USA where he work’s as an environment artist at Sucker Punch productions, Known for the “Infamous” Video Game series. Tyler says that When he’s not at his job he spend’s his time creating his own personal illustration’s and digital modelling work. Tyler had found through the years that a combination of a healthy obsession of improving his own skills, organised by good time management, As well as putting the ego aside and really listening to what people have to say about his own work is how he has gotten to where he is today.

Another big advantage that Tyler said he had was the ability to intern at some great studios. He would recommend anyone going to school or recent graduates to take any intern opportunities they can, even if they are unpaid. Another aspect Tyler has found, in this battle to succeed is to really be honest with yourself on what aspects of your life need to take priority over others in order to find the time to put in the work to succeed. So far Tyler’s work has been published multiple times in 3D World and 3D Artist magazine as well as making the top row at zbrush central and polycount.

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