“Playing Russian Reality”: Atmospheric And Immersive In-Game Artworks By Yuliya Kosobryuhova

Yuliya Kosobryuhova is a visual artist working with documentary photography and other media. She was born in Russia in 1987. She is a graduated specialist in history and ethnography. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“I immerse myself into the virtual world of computer games. I wander the streets, see familiar landscapes. I recognize the people I meet. This is modern Russia on my PC. I am capturing the image of Russia in the realm of video games. The eye catches the usual landscapes, typical architecture, Russian people and their everyday life.

To achieve the homogeneity of images, I use digital tools and give the appropriated images the likeness of pictorial photos. Thus, I equalize different media — be it photography, digital images, or video games — in their ability to render fragments of reality. Virtual landscapes and interiors become the representation of Russian reality, and also shape its perception,” she says.

More: Yuliya Kosobryuhova, Facebook

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