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Superlative And Figurative Contemporary Paintings By Roman Tolici

Roman Tolici is well known throughout the local and international art scene for almost 20 years now. He is part of the famous 2000s generation of painters but he stands out from the rest of his colleagues due to his easy-going style and an accessible registry of images. Seeing as contemporary art is becoming more and more hermetic, almost exclusively addressing the elites, and even a classic medium of expression like painting is difficult to understand without specialized studies, Tolici appears to be veritable polyglot.

Roman Tolici is an artist who is less interested in non-figurative forms and pure creation. He does not wish to show the viewer something unparalleled because he thinks that the world’s existing representations still speak out. So he dedicated his career collecting images of all kinds, testing them with his personal filters, analyzing all their sides and angles, revealing in the end a new facet for something you’d previously thought as being familiar.

Born in the Republic of Moldova into a family that supported his artistic endeavors, young Roman would copy drawings from his mother’s books without even guessing that this will eventually transform into an extremely recognizable personal style. He arrives in Bucharest with an art scholarship and begins to explore the figurative side of painting, even though modern times deemed it old and abandoned it. But the artist stayed true to himself.

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