6 Illustrations That Sum Up Instagram Perfectly

How many photos of food, hotel pools and sketchy supplements advertised by people who have nothing to do with nutrition have you seen the last time you were on Instagram? “Too many” is probably the answer you are looking for. Tired of this ridiculous Instagram culture, Russian artist Anton Gudim (previously) created a series of tongue-in-cheek illustrations that sum it all up perfectly.

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When traveling, you can’t help but notice how some people are more focused on taking the perfect picture for their social media account instead of actually enjoying the place they are at. But then again, how else would your followers know you’ve been to the Eiffel tower? Or was it the Big Ben? Who cares, really, as long as the picture collected a lot of likes.

“It’s based on my own experience, I’ve seen millions of photos like this on Instagram,” said the artist in an interview with Bored Panda. “It’s not my intention to provide social commentary on the shallow and narcissistic habits of the modern world, that’s for the reader to decide with their own interpretation.”

Anton says his comics are a way to discover the depths of his own imagination and that he’s glad they can inspire and entertain other people. “I am not out to make people laugh, but I do believe that it’s important for artists to add a little humor into their works,” says the artist.

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