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Meet Geeohsnap, The Snapchat Artist Who Shares Candid Snaps Of Random People

Geir Ove Pedersen aka Geeohsnap is a talented artist and photographer, who takes pictures of unsuspecting people on the street and then doodles on them. The viral Snapchat strategist and influencer, who goes by the username @geeohsnap refrains from selfies and even people he knows.

More info: Geir Ove Pedersen, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist,

“The fall of 2014 was a breakthrough for me. I had just downloaded the app Snapchat and was waiting for a delayed plane on an airport,” Geeohsnap explaines. “I saw a person sitting beside me reading his newspaper and he was really tired of waiting. With Snapchat I took a sneak picture of him and started to draw. The person reading his newspaper was suddenly on a rocket on his way to the moon.”

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