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Amazing Geometric Tattoos By Turkish Artist Okan Uçkun

Okan Uçkun is a tattoo artist from Istanbul, Turkey, currently living in New York, who creates minimal geometric tattoos based on symmetry, geometric shapes, lines and dots. He has a very unique style which combines minimal but complex elements and creates surreal tattoos which are open for artistic interpretation. Therefore, he is considered to be the master of some of the most popular tattoo art styles today.

Also, it is worth to mention that this artist defied the strictly taboo opinion of tattoos in his home country in order to fullful his dream to become what he is today!

Uçkun measures his clients body measurements and creates unique design to the specific person. He prepares three designs and the client chooses the one he wants to have as a tattoo. If you’re into contemporary and a mix of modern arts tattoos, you will definitely love his art!

More: Okan Uçkun, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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