Giant Snorlax Cushion Is The Comfiest Pokémon Bed You Can Take A Nap On – Design You Trust

Giant Snorlax Cushion Is The Comfiest Pokémon Bed You Can Take A Nap On


When Japanese toy company Bandai decided to create a Pokémon bed, they immediately thought of one specific character: Snorlax (or Kabigon, as he’s known in Japan).

h/t: mymodernmet, rocketnews24


Thanks to his rotund, cushy body, this fantastical character’s belly serves as the perfect place for a nap or moment of pure relaxation.


Plus, Snorlax’s sleepy personality will definitely get you in the mood for a nice, long rest. Just one look at his happy, drowsy expression will have you hitting the hay in no time!



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