How Animals Chill in Summer Heat

Is the big feline dancing in the rain? Not really. The playful shot of a Sumatra tiger was taken in Ragunan Zoo, in South Jakarta, Indonesia on June 24th, 2014. Water droplets scatter through the air when it was taking a refreshing dip from the heat. (Photo: CFP)

A panda trying to sleep on an ice cube attracts visitors taking photo’s in central China’s Wuhan city zoo in August of 2013. Not a good choice furry friend, what if your hair froze on the ice? (Photo: CFP)

A monkey mum is giving her baby a popsicle in central China’s Zhengzhou city zoo. The zookeepers brought in a box of popsicles for monkeys when the local temperature hit 39.9 degrees centigrade in July 7th 2010. (Photo: CFP)

Koala’s chilling secret is to stay still on the tree. No movement, no sweat. Picture of a Koala taken in April 2014 in south China’s Guangzhou city zoo. (Photo: CFP)

Penguins chilling in the city zoo of central China’s Hefei. Photo was taken on June 10th 2014. (Photo: CFP)

A tiger in Copenhagen enjoys its summer by floating in the pool with green water plants. (Photo:

Ring-tailed lemurs were eating watermelon in a zoo in Weifang, eastern China’s Shandong province on May 30th 2014. (Photo: CFP)

Black bear in a Shanghai had its icy fruity feast in August of 2013. (Photo: CFP)

Chimpanzee was drinking Fanta after eating watermelon in a zoo in western China’s Shaanxi’s Xi’an on July 3rd, 2013. (Photo: CFP)

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