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Finnish Photographer Shoots Real Life Angry Birds, And We Can’t Finish Looking At Them

Ossi Saarinen is a nature photographer based in Finland. He has been photographing different types of wild animals in Finnish nature but his bird photos always the ones making everyone “awww”.

Somehow many birds appear in his photos as real-life versions of Angry Birds. They are grumpy, cute and funny at the same time. From blue tit, long-tail tit to breaded reedling, all become perfect models in his photos and show their own characteristics. Even they look so angry, people cannot help but love them. Plus, with his sense of humor, Ossi’s hilarious captions with those photos can give the audience a good laugh.

Ossi loves being in nature. He spends hours in the forest to be with wild animals even in winter when the temperature can drop to -20 Celsius degree or more. He patiently waits for them and observes them with his camera. He hopes his photos of animals and landscape will give little happy moments to people when looking at them. Moreover, it can probably inspire people to care more about nature.

More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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