Someone Created An Instagram For A Soup Ladle And Its More Than 67K Followers Can’t Get Enough Of Its Adventures

The Loch Ness Monster is real, but instead of a lake, it lives in someone’s soup. Oh, and instead of being a mythical beast, it’s… a ladle. But he has a name, and the name is Samson. Samson, the ladle, was introduced to this world with a series of pictures in which he was presented his daily routine which even included his work and even his favourite TV series. Being Samson, the cutest ladle ever, it did not take long before it receive lots of attention from people who demanded to see more of Samson’s life. And Samson did deliver, as today he even has an Instagram account with over 60 thousand followers, keenly following Samson and his adventures.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

“Samson met Martin the hamster! It was a good time. Hamsters are cool. (really all animals are cool though. Except spiders. And scorpions. And house centipedes.)”

“Samson hit 50k followers! He was very surprised. (I wasn’t. I think he’s cool. But Samson is a humble ladle.) Samson is so very thankful for all of the love, and he’s so happy he gets to make you happy too!”

“Samson made some Christmas cookies! It was quite an ordeal. He thought it was normal to double the dough recipe… But no, that is not the normal cookie quantity.”

“Samson said goodbye to vacation. But it’s ok- he will have other adventures with sand and crab legs.”

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