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Braun – Hairy Sound

The sound of music is one of the greatest experiences in life. One that is often taken for granted. The real beauty of music lies in good sound quality, that could be damaged by unwanted ear hair. Muted and fuzzy sound can be the result.

To make people aware of this problem and their need for an ear trimmer, we visualised hairy sound, encouraging people to free their ears, get rid of these unwanted hairs and enjoy the undistorted beauty of pure sound.

Advertised brand: Braun, P&G.
Advert title: Hairy Sound

Headline and copy text:
Sounds like you need an ear trimmer.
Braun Exact Series EN10.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Executive Creative Director: Michael Funk
Creative Director: Olaf Reys
Art Director: Ashleigh West, Sebastian Steinhoff
Copywriter: Michael Funk
3D Artist: Blickfang, Klaus Jung

Published: April, 2013

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