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Stunning Portraits of Wild Animals by Brad Wilson

Baboon. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

After 12 years photographing models, musicians, and celebrities, Brad Wilson decided that he wanted to photograph something a little more unpredictable: wild animals.

Wilson began travelling to zoos, animal sanctuaries, and studios to photograph everything from a lion to a chimpanzee. The photo shoots were far from the orderly scenes Wilson experienced while shooting magazine stories and advertisements. Instead, he says, they became a kind of “organised chaos”.

“You can’t direct animals like you can people. When you are shooting animals, you have to wait for them to do whatever it is they are going to do. You have to be patient and pick your moments”, says Wilson. “It’s completely changed the way I looked at photography”.

Zebra. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Chimpanzee. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Western screech owl. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Mountain lion. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Spider monkey. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Tiger. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Elephant. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Kangaroo. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Golden eagle. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Alligator. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Lion. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Serval. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

White tiger. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Rhino. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

Spectacled owl. (Photo by Brad Wilson)

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