Japanese Twitter Falls In Meme Love With Perfectly Timed Photo Of One-Punch Shiba Inu

Anything posted on the internet has potential to become a meme, but there is something about strangely simultaneously derpy and stoic nature of shiba inu that seems to give them a head start over everything else. That might best be on display with an impeccably timed photo posted by Japanese Twitter user @Ninjamaaaaaan that some are calling “One-Punch Shiba Inu.”

h/t: grapee

Flinging its tail as it turns and looking back at just the right time, the shiba inu appears to be throwing a destructive right hook, with the added dramatic bonus of some photo blur. As you can expect, the photo has gone viral in Japan as a meme called “right hook dog”, and the response from artists, figure makers, and even latte artists has been overwhelming. Here’s a rundown of the highlights!

But Right Hook Dog may have a rival in the form of “Muscle Fox”:

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