At Home With The Rolling Stones: Surprising, Charismatic, Scandalous, Intense And Reckless, Here Are The Early Stones As Never Seen Before

In 1960, childhood friends Keith Richards and Mick Jagger reconnected by chance on a train. More than 45 years later, the Rolling Stones remain superstars in the fickle world of rock ‘n’ roll. This collection of photographs provides a unique record of the band before they became the icons of rock. Most of these images have never been published before, making this book a must-have for the Stones’ legion of fans.

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Brian Jones

In the band’s fledgling days, photographer Bent Rej enjoyed unique access to the group, entering their circle of trusted friends. He was invited on the Stones’ first full European outing, the Satisfaction tour. These extraordinary photographs reveal a pivotal time in the history of rock. While reveling in the first fruits of popular success, the Stones were nevertheless unaware of what the future would hold. Only hindsight tells us that at this point they were perched on the edge of the heights (or abyss) of superstardom.

When the Stones toured Germany in September 1965 Bent Rej was the only photographer they’d accept to follow them around. “Bent’s a member of the family” – they said.

Rej stayed with Brian at his house in Chelsea and started taking pictures. After he saw the results he thought ‘why not do it with all of them’. Bill and Charlie were quick to accept, Richards didn’t yet have a home so they rented a suite at the Hilton and Jagger only allowed Rej into his house after the Danish photographer told him that he could make some good money with the photographs but only if he was included.

Mick Jagger

Bill Wyman

Charlie Watts

Keith Richards

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