“Field Of Light”: Bruce Munro Creates Colossal Light Installations Around The Globe

Back in 1992, when visiting Uluru in the Australian red desert, Bruce Munro felt “a compelling connection to the energy, heat and brightness of the desert landscape”. His ‘Field of Light’ is the embodiment of that experience.

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“I wanted to create an illuminated field of stems that, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, would burst into bloom at dusk with gentle rhythms of light under a blazing blanket of stars” — he explains.

The artist spent over a decade developing the idea for the first Field of Light, which was created in the field behind his family home in Wiltshire. Munro then returned to Uluru in 2016 (the location that initially sparked the whole idea) for the first installation of Field of Light.

The installation has now travelled the globe with exhibitions in several locations across the US, UK, Denmark, South Korea and Australia.

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