The Lumberjack Cake Is Here, What A Time To Be Alive!


No, you aren’t imaging things, this incredible Lumberjack Tree Trunk Cake really doesn’t exist. Created by gifted cake artist Elizabeth Marek and available through her Portland business The Artisan Cake Company, every part of the cake is edible. You can tuck into the chocolate coated log, break off a piece of the axe and delve into the best part of all – the plaid pattern in the middle.


It’s by no means easy to make, you’ll need several hours of patience and lots of practice to get it this perfect. Thankfully Marek has made a number of step-by-step tutorials so you can also copy and bring her cake creations to life.


All you have to do is sign up via the Sugar Geek Show website to gain access to them all – that’s a pretty sweet deal in anyone’s book.


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