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The R.A.F. MK1 Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet


Iis hard to imagine a more unusual place to store your favourite tipple than in a bomb. The idea almost seems ludicrous, however the R.A.F MK1 Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet is an exciting piece of design that is sure to become the focal point in any man cave or stylised industrial chic interior. The Cluster Bomb drinks cabinet is a one of a kind piece from the Aviation Collection at Touched Interiors. This distinctively authentic design stands at more than eight feet tall and weighs more than 600BP ($880).

h/t: houseofcoco


Behind the gleaming polished aluminium and steel reveals a stunningly crafted interior consisting of three shelves that revolve around a polished brass gold plated spindle. A lacquered American walnut sliding platform that conceals a collection of custom made copper cocktail utensils can be found in the base of the bomb.


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