Cozy Japanese Table Offers the Comfort of a Giant Warm Bed


The kotatsu is an ingenious invention that traces back to 14th century Japan, serving as a space heater when the weather gets colder. It’s fairly simplistic in design, consisting of a heat source underneath a table with a skirt wrapped around it, capturing the heat during the cold season. The end result is a warm and comfortable cocoon that tempts you to hide away all winter long.

Image credit: Matthew McVikar/Sjchen

Typical kotatsus involve the table and blanket only, however in the modern day, they have been reinvented to take comfort to a whole new level. These hybrids, called oki-gotatsu are bed-table-couch combinations that look incredibly cozy and make the perfect place to take a nap.


Though the production of traditional kotatsus have declined over the years with the introduction of indoor heating, the fact that they only consume half the energy of typical air conditioning has caused these clever creations to experience renewed popularity in efforts to save energy.


The kotatsu is a traditional centre place for the family to gather, cook, and mingle, however they are also the perfect place to curl up and relax with a cup of tea and a good book during winter. You’ll never have to leave bed again.

Image credit: Hamamatsu Kamera Tsuushin


Via My Modern Met, Bored Panda. All images via BelleMaison unless otherwise stated.

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