People Are Doodling On Snake Pics And The New Scenarios Are Hilarious

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Some time ago a wise person decided to doodle hands on a cute pic of a snake he found. The result was so satisfying, he shared it on the internet. And then the doodle war began.

Some time ago Bored Panda asked their readers to take part in this war, and they are so glad we did. Snakes don’t always have the best reputation and are certainly not the cutest, but it turns out that all they needed were some expressive arms and hands!

This list is a celebration of the serpent, slightly modified for our viewing pleasure. It gives you a whole new perspective on our slithery friends! Turns out there is less to fear than maybe you thought, because snakes are ‘armless, after all…

Hey, Gurl

Jazz Snake

I Need My Morning Coffee

Oh Stop It You…

Who Ate My Sandwich Again

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music!

Shy Snake

Not Sure

“So You Didn’t Wash Your Dishes After All”

My Oldest Grandslither, Santiago, With Snarms

Valerie!! Whyyy??

Excited Snake

Come At Me Bro

Oh Snoot, She’s Got A Knife! Run!

Why Are You Looking At Me Like That

Snake The Drummer

Fist Bump


Yeah Scr*w You Too, Frank.

What Ya Lookin At?


Let Me Take A Quick Shower

Lil Snek Dab

Feed Me!

Hmm, Quite

Yup, It’s Grass

Harry Snekker

I’m Not Talking To You

You Want To Fight?

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