Ramen Guitar: Russian Craftsmen Builds A Tasty Guitar Out Of Instant Ramen Noodles

Russian guitar repairer Artem Mayer of Copper Guitars in Moscow, bought 36 packets of instant ramen noodles, set the noodles in resin and let the mixture set.

More: Instagram h/t: laughingsquid

He then carefully cut out the shape of a guitar, carved in the ergonomic body design. Once the body was done, he skillfully attached the decorated maple neck, added in the electronics and strings. The resulting creation from all this work was an absolutely tasty Telecaster style guitar.

“36 packs of ramen noodles, 5 liters of polyester resin, a piece of maple and some accessories form a beautiful guitar that looks like a piece of glass!”

“Actually, it was just a crazy experiment for me! Not every day you do such things! But one more one of these would hardly be taken, so let this guitar remain unique and the only one in the world :) though, I wouldn’t call what happened to be a guitar… no! It sounds pretty good) but it’s rather an ART object.”

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