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Japanese Youtuber Makes Easy DIY Face Masks That Look Surprisingly Cool

In the days of COVID-19, masks are a must-have. However, retailers are struggling to meet demand as panic buying strikes consumers across Japan. Sharp has begun production but who knows when the average consumer will get them. Even when the wayward store clerk manages to stock the random shipment, they are instantly snatched.

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Admittedly, it’s hard to keep your cool among throngs of open-palmed customers. There are just too many scrounging through empty crates looking for what amounts to glorified toilet paper.

Sadly, on more than one occasion, I’ve pushed my way through crowds and rustled through bins to find only pink masks remaining. Maybe when that old lady isn’t looking, I can swipe her’s. Or bribe the clerk next time I see him.

Thankfully there is Benri Lifehack. On his channel, he shows us, the frenzied mob, that we need not sell our firstborn in order to breathe easily. There are several simple solutions for the mask-less among us.

Benri Lifehack makes masks from both paper towels and handkerchiefs. Take whichever is convenient and fold it over the hairband, interweaving it over the top band and tucking it under the bottom band. And that’s it, voila, you have a face mask. No pillaging necessary.

In his DIY video, the YouTuber demonstrates how to make a mask from household products. Viewers need only procure extended hairbands available at most 100 yen shops. Measure out the length of the mask band by wrapping the hairband over both of your ears and across your mouth. Tie the ends together to make a large circle and cut off any excess hairband. This band will wrap around your ears and cross your face while holding the mask in place. Make sure it is large enough.

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